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Grandeur Organisation

Grandeur Organisation Pte Ltd,Sanitary ware is an indispensable part of the building, mainly include kitchen and toilet. Along with social progress, Sanitary ware is to meet the functional requirements, and to consider a new stage of energy saving, water saving.We started to expand our business into Tap Fittings, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink’s market  in year 2006.

From start to now, we have gone through almost  10 years, we are committed to a positive role in helping to facilitate the principle of “water for all” and to protect the environment in Singapore. we have come to designing, manufacturing and support a wide range of sanitary ware industry. Every day, we are keeping ourselves update with latest technologies and products to serve the market’s demands and needs.


Grandeur Organisation

IVELIN brand Tap fittings and stainless steel kitchen sink are of European designs and manufacture in China. Our IVELIN brand tap fittings are selected & accepted by HDB and was installed in HDB BTO projects such as Punggol C20, C21, C33, Sengkang N4, C8 and Clementi.

In the present month of July 2011, We have become the new owner for VELIN brand sanitary ware & fittings which are list with HDB and have supplying to various HDB BTO project also.

Besides, we set up a new department and registered a new brand of “IETO” for sensor taps and sensor flush valve for WC and Urinal in Year 2013. All of our products are tested by PSB are approved and accepted by local relevant authorities.